About Us

Do you feel like a stuntman trying to strut through your stock hold of stamps, staplers, and Styrofoam?

Put a stop to the sty and call Shed Stuff at 330-696-6642 to Unclutter Your Life.

Suffocated by sleigh bells, snow blowers, and Santas in the summer?

Surfboards, shorts, and sandals stranded by the snow?

If so, call Shed Stuff today and prepare yourself for more spacious surroundings.

If you've been putting off cleaning out the attic, finally emptying out that garage or basement, or perhaps just looking for a place to put that stuff you know you'll need someday - Shed Stuff has the right fit for all your stuff.

Whether your storage needs are slight or astounding, Shed Stuff has a choice of 5'x5', 10'x10', 10'x20' & 13'x30' storage unit sizes.

And thanks to a keypad-controlled gate, you'll have 24/7 access to your stuff.

Stomping through stacks of strollers, shovels, and shoes? Sorting through sleds, step stools, and souvenirs?

Stop the stacking, stocking, and swearing and call Shed Stuff TODAY!
large self storage units cuyahoga falls oh
self storage units cuyahoga falls oh